The SROI Network and Social E-valuator are working together in order to ensure a consistent methodology of SROI. This guidance note will inform you how to use our software aligned with the principles of SROI.

Curious about our online tool? Check our demo movie online or request a a 30-day free trial to start analysing your social impact! If you want to extend the use of our tool, the costs are 250 EUR (ex. VAT) per year.

About impact

Social Impact Measurement

Social E-valuator supports organisations throughout the process of analysing and evaluating social impact. The web-based tool is designed to measure and value social impact investments (donations, charity, subsidies, loans, grants, etc.) and what the organisation’s stakeholders consider valuable.

Social E-valuator makes social impact measurement better accessible, cost-efficient and enables organizations to report about impact in a consistent way.

Our principles

1. Involving stakeholders
2. Understanding what changes
3. Valuing the things that matter
4. Only including what is material
5. Not over-claiming
6. Being transparent
7. Verify results

About our solutions

SROI Practitioner Training in Amsterdam SROI Practitioner Training, 28-29 April in Amsterdam

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